WATCH Rare snow leopard spotted in India

In a rare sight, a snow leopard has been spotted near Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir state of India in the first week of February. A skier has posted a video of his encounter with the animal which has made wildlife and tourism departments excited as the snow leopard has been seen for the first time in this wild area.

Australian skier Owen Lansbury posted the video footage on his Facebook page and it has gone viral on social networking sites.

Senior officials said that if the skier had really seen the big cat in the ski resort, then it was a great news.

According to a report the official said, “You rarely see a snow leopard. It is endangered. If it was found in Gulmarg as stated by the skiers, its sight will be added attraction to foreigners apart from skiing in Himalayas.

However, he said that he was not sure whether a leopard had been spotted or snow leopard.

According to the guide of skiers, they were near monkey hills when he and Lansbury saw the snow leopard.

A news report said that Lansbury described the experience as “exciting and thrilling”.

“I was skiing behind a friend when we saw the leopard and was very excited. The leopard was more frightened than I was. It was hiding in the snow and was watching us and waiting for a moment to run,” the 42-year-old tourist said.