Watch: Bizarre at its best, 5,000 attend wedding of dogs

Things are becoming stranger and stranger in India. A few days after village folk married off two sparrows, UP residents celebrated wedding of two dogs.

In attendance were over 5,000 people, a blaring music system and Indian feast. The place was Kaushambi district in state of Uttar Pradesh.

While the ‘groom’ Shagun belonged to Basant Tripathy, the ‘bride’ Shaguniya belonged to Jung Bahadur. Both persons are residents of Pawara village of the Kaushambi district.

A huge crowd gathered and danced as procession of groom made its way through villages streets towards the bride’s home. The wedding took place as per Hindu traditions. The villagers were cordially welcomed by the bride’s side and served Indian cuisine.

The bride’s side cried as the Shaguniya was given to the groom’s side. Both drove home in a car as many of curious onlookers captured the bizarre event in their mobiles and cameras.

While the wedding of sparrows held last month was to spread awareness about their declining number, this unique event did not seem to have any humanitarian angle to it.