WATCH; ‘Aladdins’ surface on ‘flying carpets’!

‘Aladdin’ seems to have surfaced at two very different places recently! A fun-loving chap was the talk of Israel when he took to Tel Aviv streets complete with his own mythical rug. In second stunt in San Fransisco, PrankvsPrank group decided to do it. It saw Aladdin along with Jasmine.

In the incident in Tel Aviv, an unidentified man put on the special costume, complete with the purple jacket, white pants with patch and red fez that the animated character wore in the 1992 Disney blockbuster, to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. ‘Aladdin’ was riding some form of a motorised carpet, controlled by a small remote in his hand.

His video was uploaded on Facebook on March 23 and created a stir online.

Aviad Rosenfeld, who shot the video, wrote on Facebook, “Don’t know whether you will believe me, but I just saw Aladdin on his carpet on Allenby Street.”

Similarly, PrankvsPrank did a stunt in San Francisco. Hitting iconic San Francisco landmarks on the ride, they amazed people on the roads. They took some great drone shots of the ride.

Their prank came after a few months ago YouTube star Casey Neistat had this idea to film a magic carpet ride through New York City, in time for Halloween.