Truck smuggling 2,100 ducks to Chandigarh stopped, 2 arrested

A truck carrying around 2,100 ducks illegally from Karnataka to Chandigarh in India was intercepted near Agra on Tuesday. While two persons have been arrested in this connection, the hunt for kingpin of this racket who is said to be living in Chandigarh is on.

When the police stopped a truck from Karnataka for routine checking in Agra, they unravelled a huge racket involved in smuggling of ducks for exotic consumption. A news report said that People For Animals (PFA) is working along with the police to catch the kingpin of this racket.

The police team had stopped the truck from Karnataka for routine checking when they found that the truck was full of livestock crates stacked upon each other.

The ducks were being transported illegally from Karnataka, NGO Wildlife SoS said, adding that the driver and another occupant of the vehicle were arrested under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

There was also violation of the Bureau of Indian Standards norms in moving the ducks in a vehicle, they said.

Of the total 2,100 ducks, several had died as they were being transported in inhumane conditions. The report said that remaining ducks had been transported to the Keetham Bird Sanctuary and released around the lake. However, another report said that ducks had been handed over to the Wildlife SOS for safe-keeping till the court takes the final decision.

According to a report, PFA’s Deepti Upadhyay has alleged that these ducks were being taken from Rudrapur to Chandigarh where a smuggler deals in meat of wild animals and already has several criminal cases pending against him. These ducks would have been butchered in Chandigarh, the report quoting her said.