Tricity residents delighted on recent service charge notification

Chandigarh, January 3: Though people dining in city beautiful were no longer paying service charge, the restaurants and hotels were charging hefty amounts in adjoining cities. Customers felt cheated when they were forced to shell out money, especially for the service that was not up to their satisfaction.

The recent notification by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution that “the service charge should be levied based on the discretion of the customer and that this is not a mandatory payment”, is a great relief for many. This will also force restaurants to improve the service. Service charge up to 20% in addition to other taxes makes dining pinch a lot when it is time to pay.

Chandigarh is always a better place as compared to it neighbors. The administration here is more responsive to its residents. The elective governments in Punjab and Haryana are not sympathetic to its residents. Residents of Mohali and Panchkula should make their voice heard and take Chandigarh as an example to force their elected representatives to make resident friendly policies.