Thousands of dead fish found in Bengaluru lake

Thousands of dead fish washed up on the banks of the popular Ulsoor lake in Bengaluru on Monday. While the reason for their death was not known, this Indian city has been struggling to clean up its polluted lakes from untreated sewage.

According to a report, city residents were taken aback when they came acorss the sight of heaped fish around the Ulsoor lake.

Last year, thick froth was seen on Bellandur lake in Bengaluru while the Yamlur lake remains the most polluted in the city.

The fish usually die in such huge numbers when there is decreased oxygen levels in the water. This might happens due to excessive dumping of sewage and waste waters into the lakes.

A report said that Ulsoor lake in particular was the end point of untreated sewage waters from many areas.

Ulsoor lake, a tourism hotspot and a popular boating site, has for many years been choked with water hyacinth and the government has been making efforts to clear it.

A few months ago, toxic froth had taken over Bengaluru’s streets due to extreme levels of pollution in Bellandur lake. The periodic water sampling of the lake waters had revealed extremely high amounts of phosphorous and other inorganic chemical compounds.