Sanders outraises Clinton for fourth consecutive month

Washington, May 21 (PTI) Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders from Vermont has outraised his rival Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race to the White House for the fourth consecutive month.

Sanders’campaign yesterday filed a report with the Federal Election Commission showing he raised more than USD 26.9 million in April, out-raising Secretary Clinton for the fourth month in a row.

He has raised more than USD 212 million since the start of the campaign.

A similar report filed by Hillary for America (HFA) showed that her campaign began in May with more than USD 30 million in the bank after raising more than USD 26.4 million in primary contributions in April thanks to more than 630,000 contributions from about 400,000 people during the month.

The average donation during April was about USD 42.

Clinton has raised more for the primary than any other candidate in either party over USD 213 million from more than 1,200,000 contributors.

“Thanks to the support of more than 1.2 million people, we are in strong financial shape as we head into the final primary contests and prepare for the general election,” said Hillary for America Campaign Manager, Robby Mook.

“This will enable us to continue investing in people who will mobilise millions of voters and help Democrats running up and down the ballot,” he said.

On the other hand, the average contribution to the senator’s campaign is around USD 27. Only 5 per cent of Sanders’ total came from donors who have given the maximum USD 2,700 an individual may donate to a candidate.

Meanwhile a pro-Trump Super PAC, Make America Great PAC reported to Federal Election Commission that it raised USD 513,606 in the month of April and claimed the vast majority of its income last month came from donors giving less than USD 200.