World’s Biggest Election Starts

India is world’s largest democracy with 90 crores (900 million) voters. This number is four times eligible voters in the United States of America, the second largest democracy. In 2019-India general election, 10 percent of world’s population is eligible to vote. There are 8.3 crores (83 million) new voters since 2014

FDA Inspector Shot Dead in Kharar

Food and Drug administrator (FDA) officer Neha Shoree was shot dead in Kharar by a chemist. The assailant, Balwinder Singh, walked into FDA office and fired four rounds at her, two of which hit her. Balwinder in his late forties, had a chemist shop in Morinda and his license was cancelled

Kartarpur corridor meeting: Five key demands

Maiden Kartarpur corridor meeting concluded March 14 with following key demands from India. First - Number of pilgrims: India: Initially the number of pilgrims allowed daily should be 5,000 and 15,000 on special occasions. Entry should be visa free. Pakistan: No commitment yet, the proposal was 500 pilgrims per day. Second - Days and

Mass shooting at mosque in New Zealand

Several people were killed when a gunman open fire at a crowd gathered for Friday prayers in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to local media, at-least six people were killed. Witnesses had reported seeing people bleeding at the Al Noor mosque, located in central Christchurch along Dean Avenue. Bangladesh cricket

Still out of bounds madrassa bombed by IAF

Reuters team was prevented from visiting the bombed site for third time citing security concerns. Pakistani official said that no visit would be possible for a few days more due to security issues. High-resolution satellite images reviewed by Reuters on Wednesday showed the madrasa appears to be standing, virtually unchanged from