Madrassa students ‘thrashed’ for not saying ‘Jai Mata Di,’ cops rubbish charge

Three students of a madrassa (seminary) in Delhi have alleged said they were beaten up by three youths when they refused to chant a religious slogan at a park outside their school in Begumpur area. However, police said there were loopholes in their statement as the incident had occurred during a fight in cricket match on March 26.

According to a report, they said they had gone to a park where they were assaulted by a group of men who demanded that they say ‘Jai Mata Di’. One of the three youths, Mohd Dilkash, said that some men came and slapped one of his friends and asked him to say ‘Jai Mata ki’.

“They then started hitting us. They asked us to say ‘Jai Mata Di,’ and ‘Jai Bharat’ or they would kill us. But we didn’t say,” said Dilkash, whose arm was broken in the incident.

However, the police said there were inconsistencies in the statements of the young men. The two groups are from the same neighbourhood, knew each other and were playing cricket when the fight started, added cops.

The police said that the students said in their complaint that they were asked to chant “Jai Mata di” but later changed their version and claimed that they were asked to shout “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”- a slogan that has been at the centre of a political controversy in the past few weeks.

Even an uncle of one of the accused said the youths had an argument while playing cricket. He further rubbished allegations that the row was erupted over not saying ‘Jai Mata ki’.

Later, Dilkash said he was withdrawing his complaint even as police registered a case.