Watch: Leopard strays into village, shot

Panic spread in Kotdwar areas of Uttarakhand in India when a leopard entered a densely populated village on Saturday. However, after repeated attempts to capture it failed, the big cat was shot later.

Forest officials reached fields near the village where they tried to capture it with nets for seven hours. The leopard seemed to have been trapped twice but it finally escaped. It injured two persons in its attempt to flee.

The endangered animal was eventually killed when all attempts by the Forest Department to capture it alive failed.

The incident happened a day after a four-year-old child was killed by a leopard in Lansdowne in Uttarakhand. Last week too, a four-and-a-half-year old girl who had come to visit her grandmother was killed in broad day light, which was quite unusual as leopard usually stalks at night.

Keeping this fact in consideration, the schools of the area has been closed till the alleged man-eater leopard is trapped/killed.