Kartarpur corridor meeting: Five key demands

Maiden Kartarpur corridor meeting concluded March 14 with following key demands from India.

First – Number of pilgrims:
India: Initially the number of pilgrims allowed daily should be 5,000 and 15,000 on special occasions. Entry should be visa free.
Pakistan: No commitment yet, the proposal was 500 pilgrims per day.

Second – Days and Timing:
India: Corridor should remain open on all days of the year, from dawn to dusk.
Pakistan: Wanted to restrict opening of corridor three to four days a week.

Third – Access to people of all faiths:
India: Allow all resident Indian citizens and overseas citizenship of India (OCI) holders.
Pakistan: Initially wanted only Sikh pilgrims but agreed to all Indian citizens only.

Fourth – Encroachment of land around Gurdwara:
India: Raised objection on the rampant encroachment of land around Gurdwara.
Pakistan: No specific assurance.

Fifth – Activities of pro-Khalistan elements:
India: Raised objection of activities of pro-Khalistan elements in Gurdwaras of Pakistan.
Pakistan: Assured that there won’t be any activities to spread any anti-India agenda in the name of Khalistan.

The next meeting is on April 2 in Wagah, Pakistan.