Govt advisory to farmers on paddy cultivation

CHANDIGARH: With the paddy sowing season setting in, the Punjab government has issued set of guidelines to drive home the proper paddy cultivation operations to the farmers of the state. They have been impressed upon to cultivate only the recommended A grade verities of paddy. They have also been dissuaded to cultivate the hybrid varieties of paddy as it is against the parameters set by FCI and not being procured by the agencies.

According to a press release, an official spokesperson of the Agriculture Department said that farmers have been advised that this is the proper time for the transplantation of the saplings (paneeri) as the atmospheric conditions are conducive and they should start their field operations for the transplantation of saplings. They have been counseled to sow seeds only of the recommended A grade varieties of paddy because Food Corporation of India procure paddy of such recommended verities. Farmers should procure the seeds of the verities like P.R 124, P.R 123, P.R 122, P.R 1241, P.R 114, P.R 115 and P.R 113, which have been recommended by universities.

Farmers have been persuaded not to cultivate the hybrid varieties as these flout the set parameters of FCI and the procurement agencies do not procure these. They have been advised to desist from the cultivation of PUSA Basmati 1509 variety as the state might face big hurdles for its marketing because of its non-procurement by the Union government.

It has been advised that paddy must not be cultivated on the dry sandy fields and on other place also before the cultivation the fields must adequately be leveled.

Regarding the use of fertilizers farmers have been advised to first get the soil examination test done and then on the recommendation of the scientist adequate quantity of fertilizer be used. For the use of Urea fertilizer (Nitrogen), farmers must take help from Patta Rang Chart.

If the recommended quantity of DAP fertilizer had already been used during earlier wheat cultivation then farmers should refrain from using DAP fertilizer (Phosphorus) during paddy cultivation.