“Go home” graffiti near Sikh temple scrawled in Canada

Toronto, May 15 (PTI) A graffiti that read “Go Home” along with what appear to be swastikas has beeen scrawled on the fence near a Sikh temple in the Canadian city of Martindale

A lawyer came across graffiti scrawled on the fence near the Dashmesh Culture Centre, Sikh temple on Saturday, a day after Nagar Kirtan procession was organised by the centre during which they handed out food as they walk through the community

“For a few seconds, I was in a state of shock, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Usman Mahmood was quoted as saying by CBC News

Someone had written “Go Home” along with what appear to be swastikas, close to centre

“I have seen pictures, I have heard about things, I have read about things but seeing this for the first time, it is a little disturbing,” he said

Mahmood said diversity is one of the things he loves about the Martindale community

“Within a few kilometre-range you have a lot of religions, a lot of faith, a lot of communities that live with a lot of peace and harmony. It is a great community to live in, but it is very sad to see this.”

“People from all sorts of faiths. Whoever lives around this area should stand up to it and say, ‘this is not going to happen in my neighbourhood.

Courtesy: http://ptinews.com