Trump uses Indian accent during rant about outsourcing

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday as used a fake Indian accent to make a point about outsourcing.

However, to not sound too offensive, he did cover up by referring to Vietnam as well while also stating that he thinks India is a great place and it isn’t India that he has problems with.

Trump did his best mocking impression in broken English as he lamented call center employees being based overseas.

At a Delaware rally, he told a crowd, “You want to find out about your credit card, guess what you’re talking to a person from India.”

“How the hell does that work? So I called up, I tell the guys I’m checking on my card, I said, ‘Where are you from?’” he said.

Then in a fake Indian accent, he added, “We are from India.”

Trump, known for his offensive commentaries on Muslims, Mexicans, women and other groups, has put his foot firmly in his mouth several times on the campaign trail.

He had earlier spoken out against outsourcing and how American businesses are facing threat from Indians and Chinese counterparts. He sparked outrage in the beginning of his presidential run by promising to build a wall with Mexico if he becomes the President. Trump attracted massive controversy by suggesting some Muslims in US celebrated after the 9/11 incident.