Dead could be brought ‘back to life’

A group of scientists will attempt to bring the brains of dead people back to life in a new groundbreaking trial.

Bioquark, a biotechnology company based in Philadelphia, will begin experimenting bringing brain-dead patients back to life. The Institutional Review Board has granted the company begin trials on 20 patients who have been clinically declared dead from a traumatic brain injury.

The scientists will use a variety of methods to try and stimulate brain regeneration. This will include injecting stem cells into the the grey matter with a mixture of peptides. They’ll also plan to experiment with lasers and nerve stimulation techniques, which have brought patients out of comas in the past.

While keeping a close watch over the patient on trial for over six weeks, the scientists will delve into the first move toward bringing them back to life. Using brain imaging equipment they will look for signs of regeneration, particularly in the lowest region of the brain stem, which controls independent breathing and heartbeat.

The biotech company’s ReAnima Project stems from the study of other animal species that can restore brain life even after suffering severe damage to their central nervous systems.

A report said, “amphibians and certain fish, can repair, regenerate substantial portions of their brain and brain stem even after critical life-threatening trauma.”

With the prior consent of the families, the scientists will check if it is possible to regenerate the patient’s central nervous system.