This creepy selfie is spooking internet!

This is most spooky and creepy selfie doing the rounds on social media.

Initially, it looks like a normal image but when seen carefully then its eeriness becomes clear. It shows a couple smiling for a selfie taken on a smartphone, with a woman’s face inexplicably looking back in a reflection from the mirrored window behind them.

The reflection of the man appears as expected with the back of his head and hand holding the phone, strangely the woman’s face has turned to look at the camera in the reflection. There appeared to be no logical explanation for the shot while a few Twitter users suggested the image was a pattern on the woman’s scarf.

Originally from social media site, the image was re-shared on Twitter with the caption: “What kinda devlish ting is going on?” The shot has been shared over 16,000 times.

A Twitter user said, “It took me a minute to understand what was happening but when I did…” while @JunkieCentric posted: “I’m so scared right now I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”