Sanders outraises Clinton for fourth consecutive month

Washington, May 21 (PTI) Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders from Vermont has outraised his rival Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race to the White House for the fourth consecutive month. Sanders'campaign yesterday filed a report with the Federal Election Commission showing he raised more than USD 26.9 million in April, out-raising

Trump neck and neck with Clinton

US Republican party's presumptive nominee Donald Trump's support has surged in recent days and is almost at par with Democratic party's front runner Hillary Clinton according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday. A very close fight is expected on November 8. Survey result shows that 41% of likely voters support

Dead could be brought ‘back to life’

A group of scientists will attempt to bring the brains of dead people back to life in a new groundbreaking trial. Bioquark, a biotechnology company based in Philadelphia, will begin experimenting bringing brain-dead patients back to life. The Institutional Review Board has granted the company begin trials on 20 patients who

Little Messi forced to leave Afghanistan after threats

A toddler Afghan fan of Lionel Messi has been forced to leave Afghanistan along with his family due to constant telephone threats. Murtaza Ahmadi had been given a shirt signed by the Barcelona star after his picture wearing a ‘plastic bag’ shirt of Messi went viral on social media. The five-year-old's father

Fired employee breaks plane into pieces

A fired employee of an airlines took revenge on the organization by breaking an aircraft with a bulldozer in Russia recently. A video of the act has gone viral and garnered over 3 lakh views. It appears to show a disgruntled employee of Russian airline UTair using a digger on a

Coast Guard stops man running in a bubble in ocean

Recently, astronaut Tim Peake raced in space on his treadmill while orbiting around the earth on-board the International Space Station. But in a different run, an ultra-marathoner's attempt to "run" from Florida to Bermuda in an inflatable bubble was cut short when the Coast Guard towed him back to

Breakthrough: Scientists reverse aging

Is immortality here? One would be forced to ask this question as a company has claimed that it has been able to reverse aging. BioViva USA Inc has said that in a breakthrough first successful gene therapy against aging has been done on the company's CEO. The therapy reversed

Sikh MLA in Pakistan shot dead

In the latest attack on a religious minority in the majority-Muslim nation, gunmen shot dead a prominent Sikh MLA on Friday. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa MLA Soran Singh was a leading figure in Pakistan´s tiny Sikh community and an adviser to a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister, representing Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). He was attacked

Trump uses Indian accent during rant about outsourcing

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday as used a fake Indian accent to make a point about outsourcing. However, to not sound too offensive, he did cover up by referring to Vietnam as well while also stating that he thinks India is a great place and it isn't India that