Israeli firm helped FBI in cracking iPhone

After the US Justice Department said on Tuesday that it had gained access to the data on the San Bernardino shooter’s phone, people, and above all Apple, has been curious to know how they did it. According to a report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) worked with Israel’s Cellebrite Mobile

Google’s self-driving car collides with bus

Raising concerns over safety, Google self-driving car failed a public test when it collided with a bus in February on a road in Mountain View, California in US. Now the footage of the crash from the bus dashcam has emerged that shows car turning left before the crash. According to

New Year rush trips WhatsApp

As year turned to 2016, WhatsApp faced brief hiccups on Thursday night. The popular messaging service suffered outages in many parts of the world. The Facebook-owned service acknowledged the issue. In Europe for a short period on Thursday, people were unable to send or receive messages. A report said that Whatsapp had

“Free Basics” Internet in India drawing criticism

Facebook’s plan to provide “Free Basics” internet access in India is drawing criticism from academics who believe it is against the principles of net neutrality and want data providers not to favor internet services by offering free, cheaper or faster access. Facebook wants free internet access for selected number of online

India has top-secret nuke city: Magazine

India is nearing completion of a top-secret city spread over 20 square miles in southern Karnataka, reported international magazine Foreign Policy. It said that the facility will be used to augment India's nuclear power for civilian use as well as increase and upgrade its weapons. The elaborate report says the work

15 remarkable statements of Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Here are 15 statements of Google CEO Sundar Pichai when he interacted with students and teachers at Delhi University on Thursday: 1 We do hire a lot of people who are non-computer science graduates. 2 I did not score enough in Class 12th to get admission in SRCC. 3 I bought my first

Aircraft may get VVIP seats, even better than pilot’s

In a novel breakthrough, aerospace engineering company Windspeed Technologies has designed a bubble-shaped viewing platform for the top of commercial airplane. This is just like sunroof on vehicles. Passengers could access the SkyDeck via a staircase inside the aeroplane. They would be able to see out the top of the cabin

Lamborghini rolls out Huracan LP 580-2 in India

Recently, Italian Automobili Lamborghini rolled out its car -- Huracan LP 580-2 -- in India. Priced at Rs 2.99 crore, the LP580-2 is powered by a 5,204 cc engine and is capable of reaching a top speed of 320 km/hr. The company claims that this rear-wheel drive car can accelerate from

Rocket goes out to space, lands again in Texas

In a landmark development, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has successfully flown its to space, before landing it at a launch site in Texas, said news reports. The parent company Blue Origin confirmed its New Shepard reusable rocket reached its planned test altitude of 329,839ft before landing in Texas earlier on