Strange stairs in woods that lead nowhere!

A social media site has sparked interest in a strange phenomenon of stairs to nowhere. People have apparently sometimes reported finding random and odd stairs in the middle of the deep forests. They said that the stairs come in all shapes, all sizes, and all materials. But have held out

This creepy selfie is spooking internet!

This is most spooky and creepy selfie doing the rounds on social media. Initially, it looks like a normal image but when seen carefully then its eeriness becomes clear. It shows a couple smiling for a selfie taken on a smartphone, with a woman's face inexplicably looking back in a reflection

Bengaluru man buys Korean Mastiff pup for Rs 1 crore

The breeding and selling of pedigree dogs is a big business nowadays, this became evident when a dog lover in Bengaluru spent a whopping Rs 2 crore ($302,051) for buying a pair of a rare breed of dogs known as Korean Dosa Mastiff from China. According to a report, the buyer,

WATCH; ‘Aladdins’ surface on ‘flying carpets’!

'Aladdin' seems to have surfaced at two very different places recently! A fun-loving chap was the talk of Israel when he took to Tel Aviv streets complete with his own mythical rug. In second stunt in San Fransisco, PrankvsPrank group decided to do it. It saw Aladdin along with Jasmine.

Earth is flat! Don’t fall off laughing!

Everbody believes that the earth is round like a ball or sphere. Is it so? Well, almost everybody knows it but for flat earthers. Flat earthers are people who think that the earth is flat. And, the number of such believers is increasing if one goes by the number of

First-time flyer sits on conveyor belt, goes past X-ray machine

It could not have been more bizarre. A passenger crossed X-ray machine installed at the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi by sitting on the conveyor belt on Friday morning. Strangely, when it was noticed, the terminal manager asked the employee to bring back the passenger through the same

Watch: Bizarre at its best, 5,000 attend wedding of dogs

Things are becoming stranger and stranger in India. A few days after village folk married off two sparrows, UP residents celebrated wedding of two dogs. In attendance were over 5,000 people, a blaring music system and Indian feast. The place was Kaushambi district in state of Uttar Pradesh. While the

Flight delayed by 2 hours over 3 words!

A Thiruvananthapuram-bound Air India flight was on Thursday delayed by nearly two hours after an altercation broke out between two crew members. Apparently just three words uttered by one of the members caused the delay. The Delhi-Kochi-Thiruvananthapuram flight (AI 048) with 158 passengers, including some Members of Parliament and senior

Google’s self-driving car collides with bus

Raising concerns over safety, Google self-driving car failed a public test when it collided with a bus in February on a road in Mountain View, California in US. Now the footage of the crash from the bus dashcam has emerged that shows car turning left before the crash. According to

WATCH: Tiger roams on Doha highway

Usually they walk in forests but a tiger was spotted wandering in concrete jungle on one of Doha's busiest roads. And, traffic jam was bit of problem for him to like other commuters on Tuesday morning. Soon pictures and video showing the tiger roaming among cars on the Doha Expressway flooded