40-feet blue whale rescued in Arabian Sea in India

In yet another incident, a 40-foot-long blue whale was washed ashore in Ratnagiri Maharashtra in India. It was saved and released in the Arabian Sea after nine hours. The incident happened only a few days after a whale was found dead on Juhu beach in Mumbai. Being hailed as the one-of-its-kind

35-foot whale washed ashore on Juhu Beach in Mumbai

A few weeks after over 100 whales were washed ashore in Tamil Nadu, a 35-foot, 20-tonne Bryde's Whale was beached on the Juhu Beach of Mumbai in India on Friday. An expert said that it could have died due to change in water temperature due to climate change, pollution, plastic consumption,

Snow leopard spotted in Sikkim in India

A snow leopard has recently been spotted at four places in Sikkim, in India, said World Wildlife Fund (WWF) India. Camera traps, which had been set up at various places, have provided the first-ever evidence of the endangered snow leopard in Sikkim. Photographs of the protected species were caught at four

Mumbai too sees high smog level

After smog raised pollution levels in Delhi, Mumbai too witnessed it on Thursday morning. As thick smog enveloped this metropolitan city, some residents complained about the smoke affecting their health. Visibilty had reduced considerably in the financial capital of India with people driving on roads too complaining of the smog. While the

Indian woman officer scales highest peak in Antarctica

A woman police officer from Uttar Pradesh in India has successfully scaled the Mount Vinson Massif which is the highest peak in Antarctica. With this, Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Aparna Kumar has become the first woman Indian officer to climb this 16,000-feet high peak which is located in the Ellsworth

WATCH El Nino wave flips car over in Chile

In another sign of extreme weather, a dramatic video has emerged of a car being overturned by huge waves crashing on the shores of Chile. A Chilean government vehicle driving by the coast was toppled by a huge wave. Its driver was dramatically rescued. A report said that waves up to

Of floating forest and floating gardens

This is of floating gardens and forests. Some people may know that there are floating gardens in Dal Lake in Srinagar in India. But now a floating forest is coming up in Rotterdam, Holland. While islands or floating gardens on the Dal Lake are formed from the weeds in the lake

New musical bird species found in India

Two new bird species with musical tone have been discovered in India. Found in parts of North-East India and parts adjacent to China, the bird has been christened Himalayan Forest Thrush. Its zoological name is Zoothera salimalii. After its discovery of this species, it was found that another one-- Sichuan

Astronomers ‘find’ massive Planet Nine

It is an astronomical discovery. Researchers have said they have found new evidence of a giant planet far in the darkness of our solar system. Earlier, Pluto, discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, was originally considered the ninth planet from the Sun. Quickly terming it Planet Nine, California Institute of Technology

Spectacular fluorescent beach stuns Mumbai

Mumbai's Juhu beach has gone fluorescent. Visitors were surprised to see the beach turn neon blue colour since last Thursday. This may be due to climate change or strong El Nino, but it is not confirmed yet. What is confirmed is that locals were stunned by sea suddenly displaying a series