Bengaluru man buys Korean Mastiff pup for Rs 1 crore

The breeding and selling of pedigree dogs is a big business nowadays, this became evident when a dog lover in Bengaluru spent a whopping Rs 2 crore ($302,051) for buying a pair of a rare breed of dogs known as Korean Dosa Mastiff from China.

According to a report, the buyer, Sathish S, who paid Rs 1 crore each for the dog, said that he had been looking for the dog for the last many years. He added that he could not find an authentic breeder till recently. When he found one breeder in China, despite the exorbitant price charged for importing the puppies, he brought them to Bengaluru in Indian state of Karnataka.

The Korean Dosa Mastiff is dignified and easy-going good natured, intelligent and loyal dog. The Dosa likes being with people. Its coat is short, silky and shiny. Colors include chocolate, mahogany and red.

Sathish (41), who has acted in a few movies, is the owner of Cadaboms Kennels and the president of the Indian Dog Breeders’ Association. He said that he has been breeding dogs for the past 26 years, owning over 20 varieties and 150 dogs himself.

The report quoted him as saying, “For 20 years it was a passion to have this dog. I searched all over the world but I could not get a link with any breeder of this puppy. I tried so much – I have liked this breed from the time I started breeding. From the time I was a child, I liked huge dogs with loose skin. That is why I got this one.” he told NDTV.

Satish says the puppies will be kept in an air-conditioned environment for three months until they adapt to the weather in their new home.