First-time flyer sits on conveyor belt, goes past X-ray machine

It could not have been more bizarre. A passenger crossed X-ray machine installed at the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi by sitting on the conveyor belt on Friday morning.

Strangely, when it was noticed, the terminal manager asked the employee to bring back the passenger through the same belt by moving it in reverse direction for about 200 metres. This could have resulted in serious mishap, said officials.

According to a report, the man, who appeared to be a first-time air traveler, kept on moving for almost 150-200 metres on the conveyor belt and cleared level-1, where he even passed through the X-ray machine, used for baggage scanning.

Finally, an employee noticed him and stopped the conveyor belt.

The passenger has been identified as Rajkumar Yadav, who was travelling to Riyadh. He got confused when an airport staffer directed him towards the check-in counter.

The report said that he was about to enter level-2 of the scanning system where the luggage is sorted automatically. Had he entered there, it could have endangered his life.

All this happened while there were a number of CCTV cameras and staff deployed to check the baggage. Yet nobody found him.

The report said that airport authorities termed it a “stray incident”.

Yadav, who was interrogated by the airport security, was allowed to travel to Riyadh on the next flight.