Coast Guard stops man running in a bubble in ocean

Recently, astronaut Tim Peake raced in space on his treadmill while orbiting around the earth on-board the International Space Station. But in a different run, an ultra-marathoner’s attempt to “run” from Florida to Bermuda in an inflatable bubble was cut short when the Coast Guard towed him back to land.

Coast Guard wasn’t happy about his action. It posted a series of critical tweets stating that the aspiring bubble runner, Reza Baluchi, had not followed safety orders. Baluchi voluntarily ended his voyage, according to a report.

Baluchi had ignored a previously issued Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) Order to not depart on his seagoing journey. The pod moves along as Baluchi runs, just like a hamster wheel. The US Coast Guard rescued him from the ocean in an operation which cost more than $140,000.

According to the report, Coast Guard Sector Miami Commander Capt Austin Gould said: “This was an inherently unsafe voyage attempt that put the lives of Mr Baluchi and other mariners in danger”.

A Coast Guard Cutter Gannet towed Baluchi’s pod back to shore. Passing boaters said Baluchi was so disoriented that he asked for directions to Bermuda.

In October 2014, the endurance athlete embarked on his maiden voyage only to have his Global Positioning System device fall into the ocean about 70 miles off of St Augustine.